Central Hill
Region West Side
Kingpin Kylie SanGiovanni
Attitude: Calm
Mental +0
Physical +0
Social +0
Feeding Pool 2 (Max Vitae 8)
Access -2
Safety +3
Information +3
Ignorance -3
Prestige +2
Stability +1

Places of Interest

Congregational Hospital (Medicine 5/Science 4 Site)

A moderately impressive structure finished in 1982, the Congregational Hospital has a capacity of seventy beds. It is not as large a hospital as Miskatonic Hospital but its staff are somewhat more skilled. Especially serious cases, or those requiring specialized facilities, tend to be transferred here. Many local physicians and surgeons make use of the hospital facilities. The ground floor includes emergency/surgical facilities, a small lab, an admitting office, examination rooms, and a kitchen and cafeteria. The two upper floors are given over to patient wards and a few semi-private and private rooms. The basement includes an emergency generator, a laundry, storage facilities for maintenance and housekeeping, and a morgue. A chronically troublesome elevator connects all levels of the hospital.

Central Hill Cemetery (Stealth 3 Site)

This is Kingsport's oldest cemetery, dating from the mid-1600s. The oldest graves -- the earliest legible date is 1640-something -- are found at the top of the hill in the southern one-third of the cemetery. The northern portion of the graveyard is more recent, and stones found here date from 1780 on. Dates after 1950 are relatively rare due to the opening of Underwood Park Cemetery at about this time.

Overgrown willows shade the old graveyard. Many of the ancient gravestones are crumbling and broken away, although many still display elaborate scrollwork and creepy death's-heads. In place, twining vines and ivy have smothered even the taller grave markers. The stony ground rings hollow underfoot, reminding one of the legends about burrows beneath the hill. An eight-foot-high fence of iron bars surrounds the cemetery, and the police make nightly checks to discourage mischief. 

Central Park (Athletics 1 site)

Curling around much of the base and side of Central Hill, this park has been carved in and given a few level 'steps' for playgrounds, but mostly maintains some steep gradation.  Many pretty trees line the paths, and the switchbacks are often hand-railed.  As a consequence, this is a much more 'adult' park than most, and sees more than its fair share of joggers and bicyclers.