Crystal Demure
Crystal Demure
Vital statistics
City Status 2
Clan Nosferatu ••
Covenant Circle of the Crone •
Title Harpy


Apparent age 32 years
Features Striking Looks •
Territory Arkham Green, Prospect
Cant Moonring
Player NPC (Shaalwyd)
Playstyle Hardcore


Balance in all things, a mixture of masculine and feminine energies. Duality embraces the tenant of freedom the Circle espouses, but is particularly interested in freedom from stereotypes and expectations.


  • The Queen of Gossips must have Obfuscate that rivals The Shadow, to hear what she hears.
  • What's going on with Duality and Kylie?  First she's all 'let us do what Kylie says' and now she's all 'I hate Kylie Sangiovanni!'  What's that gossip like?
  • Duality is on Isrieal's list too! So much for the Cas thing. I wonder which side of the coin she got.
    • I don't think so...she looked as if she wanted to kill it, not sleep with it.