This character profile reflects what is commonly known or believed about Katya Grey within the city of Kingsmouth. It may or may not be accurate, but your character can be assumed to have heard everything on this page. Please feel free to add to it as your character contributes to the rumor mill. 

Katherine Lawrence
Amber Heard
Vital statistics
City Status 1, 4 laurels
Clan Daeva •
Covenant Unaligned
Title Herald
Apparent age 20 years
Features Striking Looks ••
Eric's Nickname Spice
Player NPC (Shaalwyd)
Playstyle Hardcore

Overview Childe of Seda Bathory, Katherine was Embraced just three years ago. In a display of family sentiment that surprised the court, Seda declared Katherine's destiny was to join her broodmate, Sir James Aaron, replacing one of the the Thorned Wreath who were killed in combat several months previously. She recently left the Invictus and moved out of Arondel Estate.

She currently serves as Kingsmouth's Herald, though in this domain the position has practically no actual power. An accomplished graffiti artist, most of the cant in Kingsmouth is Katherine's work.


Possessing a sultry, pouty sort of beauty, Katherine Lawrence seems most comfortable in tight-fitting motorcycle leathers. Her hair and eyes are dark, emphasized by subtle but effective eye-makeup, but her plush lips are nude and her smile rarely reaches her eyes. There's a tension to her, like a piece of spring steel; a sense that she is constantly holding back. She smiles readily but laughs rarely.

Rumor has it...

  • Long time no see. Did she and Maxwell go into hiding?
  • Katya just moved into some kind of subterranean pleasure palast with Sam Richardson
  • Did you hear that Katya's left the Invictus? Her family has to be spitting chips...
  • Katya's blood is seductive enough to induce swooning - at least one ghoul actually passed out after drinking from her.
  • Katya ran with the Italian Mafia before her Embrace.
    • No, nothing so impressive. She just belonged to a street gang.

Old rumors

  • Katya was all cuddly with Alder Castle's new childe, Sam Richardson.
    • Don't overinterpret things. They're family, is all.
      • If it's more, he should pray that Zain does not become jealous.
      • They're family, but they're also Daeva. Also, she calls him 'Sam'. You know what that means to Invictus...
  • Katya is on the market for a ghoul, she doesn't have any.
  • Katya resents not getting a say in her Requiem.
    • Don't be silly. Katya's proud to have been selected, she's just chomping at the bit to be Manumitted.
  • Katya has a thing for bad boys in leather jackets.
  • Katya and Zain Rasul have an on-again, off-again relationship.
  • Katya was a high-school drop-out, and she's as appallingly ignorant as a freshly-woken Elder about a surprising number of things.