Kingsport Head
Region Bayside
Kingpin None
Attitude: Dead
Mental -5
Physical +3
Social +3
Feeding Pool 1 (Max Vitae 4)
Access -5
Safety +1
Information -4
Ignorance +3
Prestige -1
Stability +3

Places of InterestEdit

The Strange High House in the MistsEdit

On the southern tip, this house overlooks Kingsport hundreds of feet below. It has been here almost as long as the town itself has existed. There are shuttered windows on the sides of the house but the only door faces east, opening directly over the sheer drop of the cliffs. Only birds can reach it. Kingsport abounds with urban legends about the Strange High House: that there are lights that burn in the house's tiny windows at night; that lightning was once seen shooting up from the house into the sky; that great winged shapes used to flap about the eastern face of the Head before entering the house through the door overlooking the cliff.

The nearly sheer face of the Head is almost impossible to climb; the only reasonable way to reach the house is by hiking back toward Arkham until the ground is gentle enough to clamber up on the rising point of land, heading up the steep access road past the wireless station, and continuing upwards through the thickening overgrowth as the Head narrows to a width of no more than forty feet. Before the house can be reached, a rough chasm, fifteen feet deep and sloping steeply to either side, must be crossed. 

The house is incredibly ancient - shingles rotted, brick chimney crumbling, and gray wooden exterior pitted with age. The unnaturally tall, peaked roof has eaves that reach nearly to the ground. There is a single small lattice window on each of the three landward sides of the House, latched from inside. The eastern wall is set nearly flush with the cliff, and here are found two more windows, as well as a heavy, narrow door. 

Father NeptuneEdit

Suspended forty feet above the Illsley shipyard, this stony outcrap resembles a crowned and bearded face gazing calmly out over the sea. Adventurous souls can climb the face of this outcropping. The view of Kingsport and the sea from Neptune's crown is quite spectacular. 

The CausewayEdit

A series of low cliffs rise up from the base of the Head. Resembling a giant staircase that marches high into the mists, the "steps" of the cliff are sometimes nearly ten feet high and anywhere from a few feet to several yards wide. The easiest access to this rising series of cliffs is from the area behind the Fairgate shoe factory. It is possible to climb even higher than the highest Causeway step, but this is more hazardous. 

Orange PointEdit

The causeway ends at the edge of a precipice that overlooks the sea. Called Orange Point, it is named after the large outcropping of rust-colored stone found here. A metal railing provides a measure of safety for tourists who climb up here to admire the view. 

Arkham Wireless StationEdit

The station consists of a generator/maintenance shed and a concrete building containing the control booth, living quarters, and storage.