Your Masquerade is the face you present to the mortal world and the way mortals interact with you when you're not actually feeding from them. These are deliberately broad categories. During character generation you will type "+masquerade <Masquerade>" to set your choice from the following list:

Artist: socially acceptable eccentrics. Includes musicians, painters, sculptors, web designers, industrial artists, hair stylists, fashion designers, car choppers, game designers, special effects wizards, model makers, etc.;

Criminal: for those who make living outside the law a lifestyle. Includes gang members, drug dealers, bookies, conmen, meth cookers, fences, smugglers, human traffickers, pimps, etc.;

Executive: sanctioned ambition and aggression. Includes consultants, headhunters, auditors, commodities traders, private entrepreneurs, actual business executives, etc.;

Guru: charismatic teachers or leaders. Includes priests, self-help gurus, counsellors, personal trainers, life coaches, alternative healers, cult leaders, etc.;

Healer: respectable medical professionals. Includes doctors, surgeons, medical examiners, nurses, psychiatrists, etc.;

Junkie: socially invisible fringe dwellers. Includes panhandlers, hobos, hookers, buskers, unemployed wastrels, etc.;

Investigator: snoops who dig for information. Includes police, detectives, private investigators, nosy parkers, etc.;

Scholar: an expert, generally considered harmless. Includes professors, students, antiquarians, librarians, research scientists, etc.;

Socialite: professional popularity with a shelf life. Includes society wives, playboys, celebutants, fashionistas, etc.;

Youth: those who look too young to get away with anything else. Includes runaways, homeschoolers, high-school dropouts, etc.