The Tunnels
Region Southside
Kingpin None
Attitude: Dead
Mental -5
Physical +3
Social +3
Feeding Pool 0 (Max Vitae 0)
Access -4
Safety -2
Information -5
Ignorance +3
Prestige -4
Stability +3

Places of InterestEdit

Garbage Alley (Survival/Medicine 1)Edit

A string of old basements and half-finished cellars dating back to colonial times, running the length between Miskatonic Hospital and the incinerators in the Charles Tyler Building. Junk from the medical school still clogs this area.

The Lounge (Location)Edit

Excavated as a class project by Engineering students "way back in 1912," (so says the brass plaque on one of the walls, bearing that date) the Lounge is probably the most frequently accessed area of the campus tunnels. It is a fairly spacious cavern that has received regular upkeep by the homeless who squat there. The place has a comfortable sprawl rug, several mildewed sofas and chairs, electricity, a television (with stolen cable), and a telephone patched in by an ingenious resident in the 1980s (there is no cell reception in the Tunnels). It even has a kitchen sink and relatively fresh water thanks to some siphoning off of the campus water pipes. This part of the tunnels has never flooded, nor ever partially collapsed. 

Lover's Lane (Location)Edit

One of the most jealously guarded student secrets when the University still stood, this tunnel runs from the basement of West Dormitory to Dorothy Upman Hall. It's rumored that more romances were consummated here than in any other location on campus. 

The Old College Trail (Location)Edit

This stretch of underground passage is well-lit and smooth-floored, running from the Axton Sports Center to Miskatonic Medical Center. Injured athletes used to be transported to the hospital using this tunnel.

Study Hall (Location)Edit

This stretch of passage connects West Dormitory with the basement of the Jeremiah Orne Library. Students in the know entered and exited the Library after hours via this tunnel. Although the entrances to this tunnel on both ends were discovered and walled up numerous times as both the Dormitory and the Library experienced repairs and modifications, this tunnel is fairly badly flooded.

The Tangles (Stealth 5)Edit

One of the most commonly traversed and yet frustratingly confusing network of tunnels beneath the eastern end of the quad. These tunnels double back and twist over and under one another with great frequency, making the place ideal for prankish fun and games. The fact that sound travels irregularly through this patch of passages only adds to the confusion and merriment: someone whispering "right around the corner" might be yards and yards away, while other times noise that would wake the dead is somehow muffled by the tunnels so as to be barely audible. No one has seriously studied this odd phenomena: it just is what it is. ((This is the Nosferatu Catacombs.))