This character profile reflects what is commonly known or believed about Ulysses Gaines within the city of Kingsmouth. It may or may not be accurate, but your character can be assumed to have heard everything on this page. Please feel free to add to it as your character contributes to the rumor mill.

Ulysses Gaines
Mickey Rooney
Mickey Rooney
Vital statistics
City Status 1
Clan Ventrue •
Covenant Carthian •
Title None
Apparent age 78 years
Features Strength •

Resolve ••••

Eric's Nickname The Hermit
Territory Osyth
Cant Sold
Player NPC (Shaalwyd)
Playstyle Hardcore


There's not a great deal that is definitively known about Ulysses Gaines. He is Kingsmouth's oldest Kindred resident, and has lived on Water Street in Osyth for more than a hundred and fifty years. He is not well-respected, and he sometimes takes an overly cavalier approach to the Masquerade, but he is a Kindred of sufficient power that he's managed to hold onto a prime territory and survived through almost a dozen regime changes.


Angry, reclusive, paranoid. He's a hair over five feet tall and appears to be in his seventies. His hands are bony and shaky and he walks only with the aid of a knotted cane. His eyes are an unearthly shade of yellow, rheumy with age. When he gets excited, little bits of spittle fly as he talks. By description one might think him humorous, an aged terrier worrying at people's ankles, but those who have encountered him face to face are disinclined to underestimate him.

Rumor has it...Edit

  • Gaines doesn't exist. The Carthians invented him to have enough members to get a seat on the Council.
    • Oh, he exists alright. He even asked the Twins' beloved Auntie Renée to marry him!
  • Ulysses is a cagey old bastard who is wilier than a coytoe with unlimited access to an Acme factory.
  • He's survived every conflict, every war, every assassination.  He's been here watching everything.  He's strong, old, and knows everything.. and he never comes outside.  What does he know is out there we don't?
  • Gaines is a highly skilled soldier, veteran of more than one war. 
  • Gaines' sire was his own daughter. Their relationship was seriously twisted.
  • Gaines fought in the War for Independence.
    • He's not that old. It was the War of 1812.
      • No, it was the American Civil War.
        • Whatever it was, he fought for freedom.
  • Gaines was one of the founding members of the Carthian Movement - he's been a member since 1811.
    • The Movement barely tolerates him. He's too much of a foaming-at-the-mouth revolutionary.
  • Gaines rarely leaves his house. It's like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, only without the candy - nobody ever goes in and nobody ever comes out.
  • Three men broke into his house a few years back. Stories about what happened to them are varied and confused, but they're all bad.
  • There's someone watching everything you do in this modern world, no matter where you go. Gaines is one of them. He has spies everywhere.